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A Florida family is sharing their story in hopes that their catastrophe can bring awareness to others to understand the danger of warm waters after their boy passed away due to a brain-eating amoeba.Tanner Wall liked the water, however his moms and dads believe its what was in the water at a Florida lake that took his life at just 13 years old.Tanners parents told WJXT that the teen went on a household journey to a camping site in north Florida. When they took Tanner to the emergency space, he was detected with strep throat.But his moms and dads believed it was worse than that.SEE ALSO: 6-year-old kid passes away all of a sudden of brain-eating amoeba”Finally, I got pretty irate.”The 13-year-old kid was taken to UF Health in Gainesville where he was put on a ventilator and doctors made the discovery that he had the parasitic amoeba.SEE ALSO: 10-year-old Texas woman dies after contracting brain-eating amoebaWith no brain activity, on Aug. 2, Tanners moms and dads selected to eliminate him from life support.His moms and dads now hope other households can recognize the symptoms before its too late.