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The levels of the infection that causes COVID-19 has actually been declining in U.S. patients in time, which might account for the lower number of ICU admissions and overall death rate compared to when the virus very first shown up, scientists claim.The study, conducted by Wayne State University scientists and provided at the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, depended on nasal swabs taken from hospitalized clients in Detroit in between April 4 and June 5. They then evaluated all samples that had actually checked positive for SARS-CoV-2 throughout that time period and found a progressive decrease in the variety of samples that were classified as having a high viral load.BLOOD TEST MAY REVEAL CORONAVIRUS SEVERITY, DEATH RISK: STUDY” By week five of the study, 70% of the positive samples had a preliminary low viral load” according to a news release. “This pattern in preliminary viral load accompanied a decrease in the percent of deaths. Almost half of the patients in the high viral load group died (45%) compared to 32% and 14% of the low and intermediate viral load categories respectively.” CORONAVIRUS ANTIBODIES PRESENT IN LESS THAN 10% OF AMERICANS, STUDY FINDSThe authors acknowledged that confounding variables were not represented in their observations, but that the findings suggest an association between initial viral load and mortality.CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE” Exact factors for a decrease in initial viral load gradually are uncertain,” stated Dr. El Zein, lead research study author. “A down trend in the initial viral load might show a decrease in the intensity of the pandemic and patterns in the viral load worths over time might represent a marker to assess the development of the pandemic. Fast application of social distancing steps, lockdown and extensive usage of facemasks may have added to a decrease in the exposure to the virus.”