All PostSeptember 17, 2020by adminCOVID-19 linked to preterm deliveries, new CDC report says – CBS News

The CDC report likewise tracked miscarriages and stillbirths in clients with the virus.The researchers looked at medical data on nearly 600 health center patients between March and mid-August who both checked positive for COVID-19 and were pregnant. 5 of the pregnancy losses occurred after 20 weeks into the pregnancy.Wednesdays report echoed research released in JAMA previously this summertime that noted greater circumstances of preterm labor and cesarean sections amongst those with coronavirus infections, as well as “significantly greater” circumstances of stillbirths throughout the pandemic at a London hospital.More than half of the patients in the brand-new research study had no symptoms of the disease when they were admitted to the health center. That would be in line with greater total maternal death rates for Black ladies, as well as the out of proportion toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on Black and Hispanic communities.After the June report was released, an official from the Department of Health and Human Services rebuked the CDC, according to reporting from the Washington Post.