All PostSeptember 24, 2020by adminFDA issues warning on Benadryl Challenge, a rumored viral trend – NBC News

The Food and Drug Administration provided a caution Thursday about the dangers of the “Benadryl Challenge,” a rumored TikTok stunt that includes ingesting high dosages of the allergic reaction medication to cause hallucinations.” We understand report of teenagers winding up in emergency clinic or passing away after getting involved in the Benadryl Challenge urged in videos published on the social networks application TikTok,” the FDA warning says.However, there has been little evidence on TikTok of a prevalent difficulty, and the platform handicapped both the “Benadryl” and “BenadrylChallenge” hashtags in order to prevent copycats.While there have been numerous local news reports about teens included with the obstacle, NBC News has not validated these reports.The FDA said in the caution that is “examining these reports and performing a review to identify if additional cases have actually been reported. Once we have actually finished our evaluation or have more details to share, we will upgrade the public.” The agency also said that it has contacted TikTok and “strongly prompted them to get rid of the videos from their platform and to be vigilant to remove extra videos that might be posted.” Taking higher than recommended dosages of diphenhydramine, offered as Benadryl, can cause severe heart issues, seizures, coma and even death, according to the FDA. Moms and dads should keep diphenhydramine away from kids, and the company suggests securing all medicines to avoid accidental poisonings by kids and abuse by teens.In a statement offered to NBC News, Johnson & & Johnson, that makes Benadryl, stated, in part, “This online challenge is incredibly worrying, hazardous and ought to be stopped immediately.”” As soon as we ended up being mindful of this dangerous pattern, we contacted social networks platforms to have the content removed,” the statement continued. “We are continuing to work and keep track of with safety groups at the different social media platforms to eliminate dangerous content.” Follow NBC HEALTH on Twitter & & Facebook. Sara G. MillerSara G. Miller is the health editor for NBC News, Health & & Medical Unit..