Functional Medicine
Practitioner Directory

Functional medicine is now slowly revolutionizing the healthcare system. Based on the principle of identifying and diagnosing the root cause of a disease, this approach aims to treat patients by not only suppressing symptoms but also promoting complete wellness.

With the growing demand for functional medicine today, there are also an increasing number of pharmacist practitioners across the country. This is why we’ve created a functional medicine pharmacist practitioner directory in April 2020 to make it easier to find a local functional medicine pharmacist practitioner in your area.

Our search tool is useful in finding the right independent pharmacy that has a collaborative practice agreement (CPA) with your healthcare provider. A CPA is usually an agreement between a compounding pharmacy and your doctor, nurse or other prescriber to work with you in creating a more personalized treatment plan.

The healthcare provider usually delegates some patient care functions to a pharmacist since they know exactly what type of medication should be given according to what the root cause of your disease is. This way, there’s a better approach to treating your medical condition knowing that the right people are working together to help you get the best outcomes.

The primary goal of a collaborative practice agreement is to give you better access to care, especially when it comes to functional medicine. This is why the Functional Medicine Group has created its own directory where you can find useful information about a lot of local independent functional medicine pharmacist practitioners in your area.

All you have to do is browse through our list and get in touch with the pharmacy near you to see if they can offer you the service that you need.

If you are interested in listing your pharmacy practice in the FMG directory, then please complete this FORM HERE.