All PostSeptember 23, 2020by adminSwedens high coronavirus death toll could be linked to a mild flu season, chief scientist says – CNBC

In this case, it was Covid-19 that triggered numerous to die,” Anders Tegnell, Swedens primary epidemiologist, informed Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter previously this week. With no vaccine offered, nevertheless, researchers have actually been looking carefully at whether direct exposure to and healing from Covid-19 leads to long-lasting immunity.Pursuing herd immunity has actually proved controversial in Sweden since allowing the virus to spread (albeit with some steps in location), has actually put susceptible groups such as the senior and individuals with existing health conditions at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill and dying. To date, Sweden has actually tape-recorded practically 90,000 cases and 5,870 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. Denmark, by contrast, has tape-recorded under 25,000 cases and 641 deaths.Unlike significant European economies France, Spain and the U.K., which are seeing coronavirus cases increase once again in what is being explained as a second wave of the pandemic, Sweden was initially believed to be avoiding a resurgence.

People stroll on Stranvagen in Stockholm on September 19, 2020. JONATHAN NACKSTRAND